What is .BIBLE?

The government has .GOV and educators have .EDU.
Now there’s a safe and trusted online source for all things Bible!

Imagine the possibilities: Study.BIBLE, Listen.BIBLE, YourOrg.BIBLE. This new top-level domain will open up a new world of digital real estate where people can engage and share God’s Word.


The .BIBLE Top Level Domain has a vision to be the trusted online source for all things Bible and is a valuable part of American Bible Society’s mission to help 100 million people actively engage with the Bible and to open 100% of languages to Bible engagement in the next 10 years. Learn more »

How to Register .BIBLE Domain Names

See this launch timeline for availability starting in 2016. Choose one of the accredited .BIBLE registrars to register .BIBLE domain names.

Registry Operations

Technical info for the .BIBLE Top-Level Domain (TLD), including whois, policies, registrar info are at nic.bible/registry


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Featured Sites

Pioneer Partners’ .BIBLE websites are launched and live now! See who’s part of the trusted online source for all things Bible.


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66 Ideas for .BIBLE Domain Names

Read this on-going blog series featuring many practical ideas for using .BIBLE domain names.

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